Welcome to the English Department!

In Guangya School, students are provided with the opportunity to learn and improve their English from kindergarten up through grade 12. This year, our school has over 40 foreign teachers, which allows students to practice their English daily in class and outside of class. Many of our highschool students opt to go abroad for college, so we are using a broad curriculum (including reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to prepare them for the challenges they will face overseas. This year's grade 11 students have started preparing to take the AP exams. We are proud of our teachers and our students!

Below is some of our students' work. Enjoy!
2010 Christmas Parties!

Carrie Stetson
English Department Head

Link to Faculty Profiles: http://www.guangyaschool.com/web.asp?id=1076
List of goals and achievements for this year:

Student Essays (Grade 11)