Rich Generation Business Club:

This semester, Fall 2010, our students established a business club.
They voted on the name "Rich Generation" for the name of the club.

To date, the club has been associated with the student business "Panda Bar" which is a student coffee shop, the "Big Bang" Fruit stand which sells fresh fruit, and the promotion and vending of the Halloween music performance, with many more activities planned.

We recently had HSBC Bank VIPs give our students a presentation, and there's a possibility of internships being discussed.

Below are some photos of some of our business club associates preparing cakes and other treats for sale at the Halloween musical performance. The location for food and drink preparation is at the Panda Bar.


Preparing cakes and treats.

10312010460.jpg 10312010461.jpg

Secret formula tea-milk being prepared.


Panda Bar seen through the scary Halloween Darkeness!!!