Greetings! Everyone...


I am the Director of the Academic Office of the International Department of Guangya School, and the principal architect for its evolutionary development.

At Guangya, we are very busy re-engineering and integrating our school's curriculum and programs (K-12+).
This "Open House" wiki is but one example of how Guangya is changing, growing and developing.

Our goal is that Guangya will become and be recognized as "best in class" and a pioneering leader in innovative and effective education, here in China. ... So, right now everyone is working extremely hard toward making this dream become a reality.

We are evolving from an IB (International Baccalaureate) school, adding flexibility and modularity as we install an "AP (Advanced Placement) program, in addition to integrating and amplifying our Luxhills Campus A-Level program.

This year (2010) we've hired many outstanding and experienced faculty from all over the world, including doubling the number of PhD faculty to 8.

All of our students attend many famous colleges and universities overseas, 80% to North America.

Please look over our new wiki website, and you will see that Guangya offers a rich and deep experience, as well as excellent academics.

Welcome to Guangya,



Richard Derbyshire, Director
Academic Office International Department
Guangya International School
Dujiangyan, Sichuan China